The Evansville Junior Football League is proud of its unpaid staff and volunteers.   Through the years, many have come and many have gone but there are those that stayed to give beyond the call of duty.  It is that team spirit that you learn in a good football program and it is a good influence to have in everyone's lives.  We stop to commemorate those who have given their time and talents to make the Evansville Junior Football League the best junior football league program ever!

Jane Babb

Jon Martin

I was “drafted” into E.J.F.L. in 1974 when my husband, Randy, began Coaching the Lions, an expansion team.  We were expecting our first child and she was born during the EJFL playoffs. Jaymi and I came home from hospital the day before the Cereal Bowl.  Randy didn’t miss a game and managed to welcome his little girl and become a Daddy!  Throughout the years I filled in as needed, when I could. Concession worker, fundraising, helping when and where I could.  1978 brought our second child, our son Andy, and he was born after the season, but Randy managed to Coach the whole season, go to birthing classes with me to welcome his son.

I have had the privilege to be in and around this organization as our family grew. The bonus came when our daughter became an EJFL Cheerleader and then our Son began to play football at EJFL.  During that time I was a team Mom, concession helper, fundraiser, and was “the woman behind the man” with paperwork, rosters, and anything else needed.  You could find me most any Saturday selling T Shirt, selling ½ pots, frying corn dogs or popping popcorn! Once the “kids” moved on, many thought Randy and I would move on as well.  I knew Randy wouldn’t, football is his passion, and having his kids go through the EJFL program was just a bonus for him and me!

After our kids graduated from high school, Randy came home from a meeting one evening and asked me what I was going to do with my time since the kids were out of school?   I asked why, and he said “well, your name came up” at the meeting for Treasurer. (Actually, I was nominated and voted in already!) That was 1997, and I have held that position since then. I try to keep the funds in order, and I have also been known to “hock” some barbecue ribs every season during our annual fundraiser!

Our Grandson, Ayden, played his first year of EJFL football! How long will I continue to be a part of EJFL?   That, I cannot answer. It’s a passion that is hard to let go.

EJFL is an organization that will grab you and won’t let go.  I have seen so many young people play in our league they have grown into wonderful adults.  We have many second and third generations in our league.  We have had many come back and Coach that were a part of the league as a young person.  I would like to think that EJFL some way impacted their lives.   I know many friendships have formed at EJFL, that continue today.   I’m proud to be a part of an organization that has had a strong foundation for 43 years.

Randy Babb

Jon Martin

I attended Reitz High School where I played Football, Basketball and Baseball. I attended College at Murray State University and transferred to the University of Southern Indiana and graduated in 1972.

In 1974 I was asked to help Coach an expansion team (Lions) at EJFL. Bob Johann was the Head Coach and Chuck Brunson and I were Assistant Coaches. In 1978 I became Head Coach of the Lions and held that position for 33 years. After stepping down from Coaching at EJFL, I became a Commissioner, which is my position within the organization to this date. In addition to being Commissioner at EJFL, I have had the opportunity to Coach Junior Varsity at Mount Vernon High School for one year. I accepted the position of Head Coach of the Freshman Team at Reitz High School in 2008, and currently still hold that position.

I have had a Son and Daughter go through the EJFL program, and now I am proud to say I have a Grandson that is in the program. I have had the opportunity to see many young people go through the EJFL program and go on to their respective High School football programs and have followed some through their College careers. Many of these players have gone “full circle” and have returned to EJFL and now Coach in the league.

Coaching is a hobby, but also a passion for me. Besides Coaching, you may find me on any given day, during the spring, summer and fall maintaining the Football fields at EJFL by mowing and painting/stripping the fields before the games. I hold the positions, proudly, of a Board Member, Commissioner and Rules Committee. I maintain and keep the equipment state of the art for our league. My goal is to have the kids to learn basic football, have a good time, and be safe while doing so.

I have become acquainted with some wonderful people throughout these years, and also have had the privilege of working with and beside many devoted people that truly care about this league and the kids.

I strive to make Evansville Junior Football League the best league in the Tri-State!