In November 2019, the EJFL Colts were nominated for a Leadership Award through Leadership Everyone.

The nomination stemmed of the heart of a group of eighteen 2nd and 3rd grade EJFL players, to include a child on their ride to a cereal bowl victory.  This child, Andrew Marsh, has had an undue share of adversity and physical trauma early in life.  Andrew is larger than life and shared his love of football with his best friend, Lucas Haag.  It was Lucas who wanted Andrew to be a part of his football team, in hopes of fulfilling his dream of being a team player.  Where some kids would have shied away, the EJFL Colts and EJFL, reached out to include him.

The 25th Annual Leadership of Evansville will be recognizing the EJFL Colts (specifically Lucas Haag and his teammates) for their outstanding leadership.  Justin Haag (EJFL Colts Head Coach), Lucas Haag and Andrew Marsh (teammates) will be interviewed during the presentation.

We hope that everyone will tune in for this event and host virtual watch parties to share the celebration! And be sure to follow Leadership Everyone on social media for live updates during the event.

WATCH CELEBRATION OF LEADERSHIP ON WNIN - TUESDAY, 6/30, 7PM!  For those who do not have TV channel availability, you can watch it online. Visit that evening for more info.