Looking to get more involved with our organization?

EJFL is currently in need of Commissioners!
Please let us know if you, or someone you know, is interested!

The Duties of a Commissioner include:

1. Assist in sign-ups.

2. Assist in setting up and overseeing the draw for both divisions.

3. After practices have started, he/she will control new player draws.

4. Assist in assigning and verifying new coaches after the draw.

5. Control and settle all disputes as quickly as possible, only calling an emergency meeting or involving the President or the Board when absolutely necessary.

6. Oversee official game day weigh-ins, collect official rosters from the coaches, and inform game officials of special rules.  In the absence of a commissioner, a league officer who is not directly involved in the game in question may perform these duties.

7. Commissioners will contact any player who has quit to find out why that player quit and report their findings to the Board.

8. Any action by a commissioner, which requires dismissal, suspension or removal of a coach, player, parent, and/or spectator, must be brought to the Board of Directors as soon as possible.  Any and all sanctions made by a commissioner may be imposed immediately on the spot or at the time of infraction, then, an emergency board meeting must be called in order to allow the Board to be advised of any problems and also allow the alleged violator due process of appeal.

EJFL Parental Involvement

The Evansville Junior Football League prides itself in being one of the best football programs in the area and we know that it takes a dedicated bunch of parents to make that happen.  The EJFL is made up of over 300 players and hundred's of parents who volunteer every year to help make the league what it is today.  From coaches and commissioners to Team Moms and concession workers, it takes a lot of people who are committed to providing a team/player environment for our kids and future young adults.  The EJFL encourages parental involvement at every level.


Being a Parent of an EJFL Athlete

It can be an emotional roller coaster for parents; watching your team lose or win has its ups and downs.  When game day comes, we encourage parents to have fun and get into the spirit of the game!  We also encourage parents to know when to draw the line.  Parents, friends and family who are disruptive to the game, use vulgarity, and/or slanders any of our coaches, staff members, players, and REFEREE'S, will be asked to leave the premises. 


How Does My Child Become an EJFL Player?

Every athlete who wants to participate in the Evansville Junior Football League program must register (complete both sides of form) and provide a Birth Certificate.  You will need to bring these forms to the EJFL registrations day with you.  We often receive requests to email birth certificates and forms into our league and we do accept those emails by sending them to eThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.