Q:  What equipment will I need to purchase for my child to participate as a football player in the EJFL program?

A:  Mouthpiece (No Clear ones), Football Cleats (No Metal Cleats), Socks, Athletic Support Equipment.

Q:  What equipment will be provided to my child as a football player during this season?

A:  Football Helmet, Shoulder Pads, Practice Pants, Game Pants, Belt, and Pads.  The Coach of each team will distribute all equipment.  All equipment will need to be returned to the Coach at the end of the season.

Q:  I have 3 children that want to participate in the program.  Will they be on the same team?

A:  Brothers or step-brothers, and/or sisters, or players under legal guardian care will be assigned to the same team providing both are selected and their parents or legal guardian does not choose otherwise.  The Legal Guardian must give EJFL a copy of official court guardianship documents prior to the time and date of the draw.

Q:  I have a friend that lives near me; can my son/daughter and my friend be placed on the same team for carpooling?

A:  No.  Per EFJL rules:  There will be a centralized draw, location be announced by the League President.  The blind draw system is to be used at all times when players are added to teams.

Q:  Does my son/daughter have to be present at sign ups or can I bring the registration form down to sign ups without him/her?

A:  Yes.  All “new” football players must go through evaluation drills.  This includes any player in 3rd or 5th grades last year, going into the 4th and 6th grades this year; moving up from one division to the next is considered a “new” player and must go through evaluation drills.    

Q:  Do I have to work Concession during the season?

A:  No.  While Concession stand volunteers are always appreciated, it is no longer required.  Volunteers are requested beginning the first day of practice, Mondays through Thursdays each week, during practice times.  Saturday/Game Day volunteers will be filled by Organizations from Reitz, Mater Dei, and Evansville area, in return for an EJFL donation to give back to our community.

Q:  Where does my Registration Fee go?

A:  Our concession stand revenue keeps our Registration Fees affordable to all.  Registration fee is $125.  Fees provide an EJFL “signature” T-Shirt for participant to keep, all equipment (OSHA Approved for Safety).  Football players have two sets, practice and game (valued at $300 per player. Football Equipment is REQUIRED to be returned at the end of the Season) Equipment is replaced and refurbished each year for safety.   Fees include Insurance on all players in case of injury.   

Q:I have a son that will be playing in the EJFL league. If I choose to Coach, will he automatically go to my Team?

A: No. EJFL rules state you would 1. Already have Coached in the League two years prior to him entering a Division. 2. Have accumlated 5 or more years of service to EJFL. The only exception to this rule is if a Head Coaching position is open, and you are voted in as that Head Coach, your son would automatically go to your team. See EJfL Rules and Regulations for complete clarification.

Q: I would like to be an assistant coach, but is there a guarantee that I can Coach my own son?

A: Any father or grandfather wishing to coach, but who has not met the father/son, grandfather/grandson requirements of the five (5) year or two (2) year prior, must wait until his son or grandson has gone through the draft and is selected to a team. The team must have a coaching opening and the head coach must ask the father/grandfather to coach if the head coach desires to fill an opening. See EJFL Rules and Regulations for clarification.

Q: My son/daughter does not have a ride to the practices, but I have a friend who will be able to bring him/her. Can they be on the same team?

A: No, not unless they would happen to be pulled in a blind draw to the same team. See EJFL Rules and Regulations for clarification. All Coaches/Team Mothers will provide the players with a roster of their team for carpooling purposes.