Brock Babb

2018 Brock Babb Mental Attitude Award Winner - Drew Bateman



  Drew Bateman




This Award is presented in memory of and in appreciation for the many years of service Brock Babb gave to the Evansville Junior Football League, as a Coach and a Commissioner.  Brock displayed great leadership and instilled a positive attitude in his players.  His good will and selfless generosity has inspired the players he coached, as well as the adults that were fortunate enough to work with him.  It is because of all of these attributes, that we give this Award every year, in his honor, to an outstanding 7th grader who exemplifies these same characteristics. This award is nominated by the Senior Coaches and voted on by all Senior Tackle Coaches and Board Members.   This award is presented each year at the Cereal Bowl.  Brock,  EJFL is forever in your debt and will never forget you.  Brock gave the ultimate sacrifice for his Country on October 15, 2006 as a Sergeant in the U.S. Marines in Iraq.  Obituary

Thank you, Brock Babb, Semper Fi……