2018 Winner of the Logan "Truck" Brown Spirit Award

Logan "Bear" Wargel

Logan                                      BEAR

The Logan Brown Spirit Award

This award is presented in memory of Logan Brown. Logan was a sophomore at Reitz High School, who was tragically killed by a drunk driver on March 14, 2015. Logan was only 15 years old. Logan loved the game of football. He was very dedicated to his high school team, as he continued his passion from EJFL where he played for the Broncos in the Junior Division, and the Saints in the Senior Division.

Logan was a very “happy go lucky” kid who was always seen with a smile on his face. He was always having fun, while working hard to improve his game. He was very upbeat and always encouraging others to do the same. Logan was always supportive and respectful to his coaches and teammates. Logan was an inspiration to many, and most commonly remembered by his affectious smile.

It is because of all of these attributes, that we give this award, in his honor, to a 5th grader who exemplifies these same characteristics. This award is nominated by the Intermediate Division Coaches and voted on by all Division Coaches.