Prohibited SignsNo alcohol or drugs are permitted at any of the games or practices.  This includes the parking lot during any EJFL function when children are present.  A failure to comply with this rule will result in you being asked to leave the premises.  A failure to leave the premises will result in calling the proper authorities to enforce.  No smoking is allowed inside the gates of the field.  Please step outside the gates if you wish to smoke.   No dogs or other pets are permitted in the gates of the field or at practice for the safety of spectators, players and coaches.  Bicycles, skates and skateboards are not allowed inside the gates of the field.

Please refrain from any foul, abusive behavior or language toward the football players, coaches, and referees.  The players, coaches and referees work hard and deserve your respect.  If a problem should occur, please see an EJFL Official or Commissioner during games and/or practices.

If your son/daughter is experiencing a problem regarding behavior or violation of a league rule with any EJFL Coach or teammate, please report this right away!   EJFL has established rules that benefit each participant.  You may contact any EJFL Commissioner, Officer or Board Member to report violations of rules or to ask for explanations on rules.  This league was established for the sole purpose of allowing the young players and cheerleaders to have fun and learn the fundamentals of football and cheerleading.